Parts & Stickers

Vanagon T-Shirts

Who doesn't love a Vanagon T-shirt?! Unique designs created in-house by us, printed on-demand and delivered straight to you via All are available in men's, women's, and youth styles; multiple colors for each. All shirts are just $19.99 shipped to your door!

Non-Vanagon T-shirts


This is gear we personally use and has stood the test of time. No more guessing on what works and what doesn't. Only the best makes the cut!

We've had this flashlight for the last couple of years now, and it has handled everything we have thrown at it. (More like everything our kids have thrown it at!)

Includes a durable aluminum body, very bright light, three modes (hi, low, and flashing), and is very pocketable (4.8 inches long) which is great for camping and storage.

Made in the USA.


The magnetic base on this light is VERY handy, especially combined with the pivoting head. (The hook is nice too.) We use it all the time in the van and outside of it. Stick the magnet to the wall, ceiling, bumper, etc. Best of all, when you need to work under your van the magnet really shows its stuff. You can light your project and work with both of your hands! Priceless.


When you want a real fire a hatchet just can't cut it, literally. And a full-sized axe is unwieldy to store. We've used this axe for years and it's still going strong.

At under 24 inches it's a great mid-sized chopping tool that also doubles as a hammer. Lightweight and strong. We never go camping without it.



Just like the gear above, these are items that we personally use to maintain our Vanagons and other vehicles. We already made the mistakes for you and dealt with cheap tools and supplies. These are the ones that are a cut above the rest.

A must-have for every Vanagon owner. Guaranteed YOU will need to fix something some day, might as well be prepared. Available in hardcover and paperback.


These are high quality gloves that we used for our engine conversion. They performed so well we continue to use them for standard maintenance, repairs, painting, construction, and simply any messy situation we may find ourselves in. Available in multiple sizes.


We use this to store our used oil in. For years we used plastic containers (oil pans, bottles, etc.) but every one of them always leaked and created a huge mess. We finally said "enough was enough" and picked up this high quality Jerry Can made by Wavian. No more leaks and no more mess!