Campervan Culture - Arctic Overland Series

Campervan Culture took a pretty epic trip to the Arctic Circle this past summer. Starting from London, they made their way across mainland Europe, then north to Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle, with most of their time spent in Sweden and Norway. 

Considering I do not live in Europe I wasn't very familiar with where they were traveling. Besides kind of being a map nerd, I'm a visual learner. So, I made a map. See below for a rough guide of their journey. The campsites are exact GPS locations they provided (I think I got them all). Grand total, they traveled roughly 5,083 miles (8,180 km) and stayed at 30 different campsites. Best I can tell they were on the road for about a month and a half. If you're interested in a particular campsite, just click on the icon (using the Campsites layer) and it will show you the GPS coordinates, the video it's located in, and a timestamp of where it's located.

They ended up with a six-part video series documenting their journey, which I have rounded up for you below. Each episode is about 25 minutes, so you'll need a spare 2.5 hours to watch them all. I doubt you'll be disappointed!

Versatile Vanagon

Grocery getter / kid mobile one minute, lumber hauler the next. Still have room for the kid!