Everything is better with a map.

Well, at least we think so. A good map can make hard decisions easy and are much better to look at than a list of places to camp in a spreadsheet.

We help maintain an "open source" map of Vanagon camp sites, rest areas, repair shops, outfitters, etc. We have a small start but would love to have contributions from the community! Anyone can contribute, so please feel free to share your Vanagon knowledge of favorite camping spots, repair shops, or anything that would help a fellow Vanagon owner. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give away your truly secret spots, anything helps!

If you have a place to share please contact us and we'll get it added to the map!

To view the map, simply click and zoom below.

And before you ask, yes, we could have easily created separate maps for each topic. (i.e., one for camp sites, another for repair shops, another for outfitters, etc.) However, that would make it harder for people to track down info, as ultimately much of this can be overlap within the Vanagon world. If you don't want to see a certain layer simply turn it off, that's the beauty of GIS. (a.k.a, computer based maps.)

**DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, we need to state what most people would consider obvious. Use this map at your own risk! Assume nothing on here is verified, because well, it hasn't been. You are responsible for following all local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations regardless of what someone may claim on this map. Check with local law enforcement, ranger stations, etc., before proceeding. Also, repair shops and vendors have not been verified or endorsed.

15 July 2015

Last update: October 2016