Engine Conversion Fuel Line Kit


Engine Conversion Fuel Line Kit

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The average savings for our 2WD kit is over $20 vs. buying from a local AutoZone, NAPA, etc.

All prices include USPS 2-3 day shipping! (6-10 day for international)

Fits Bostig, Subaru, 1.8T, diesel, or any other conversion.

See below for full product description.

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This kit is for vans with engine conversions ONLY. If you need a fuel line kit for your stock Vanagon, we sell one here: LINK

This is what we personally use. Top quality 30R9 fuel injection (FI) hose to withstand today’s abrasive fuel mixtures. Anything less and and you will literally be playing with fire!

This kit includes enough hose for the send and return lines for your Bostig, Subaru, 1.8T, diesel, or any other conversion out there. Considering the gas tank is in the same place in every van, and the engine placement has little variation, this kit covers just about everyone. If you have any doubt please feel free to contact us before ordering.


Vanagons with engine conversions only


Replace when worn or every five (5) years, whichever comes first. Whether you use our kit or something else, Vanagon fuel line maintenance is no joke. If neglected, it can literally burn your van (and anything / anyone in it) to the ground. Modern fuels are harsh and abrasive on rubber products, if you notice any surface cracking or fuel seeping from your hoses you must replace them immediately!

Kit includes:

  • Eighteen (18) feet of 5/16″ (7.9mm) 30R9 FI rated fuel hose (8 feet for 4WD Syncros)
  • Four (4) stainless steel ear clamps


A pair of “pincer pliers” are required for the ear clamps. We highly recommend and personally use the Oetiker Side-Jaw pliers shown below. They are excellent as they have front and side pincers that help in tight spaces. If you are wanting something less premium, the Ideal-Tridon pliers are highly rated too, though we have never personally used them. Keep in mind they lack the side pincers.