Vanagon Rental Companies

*This is NOT an endorsement for any of these rental companies. It's simply a list of known options. Rent at your own risk!

Some cities / areas have more than one vendor, so make sure you zoom in to be sure you haven't missed someone.

Looking for an RV alternative for your family vacation? Or, maybe you're dreaming of the Vanagon life but aren't ready to take the plunge? Nothing beats the simplistic and much more agile Vanagon camper. Good luck parking your full-size RV at every roadside stop. A Vanagon fits in any normal parking spot and even parking garages; but you still sleep four! Not to mention the average Vanagon rental will save you a few hundred bucks compared to an RV.

A few notes to start with. Typically this is what you can expect from your rental:

  • Overall rates have a pretty big range from $89 to $300 per day depending on the location, time of year, and length of rental.

  • Most rentals include the camping basics like kitchen ware, utensils, bedding, etc.

  • With that being said, included items vary greatly so be sure to clarify!

  • Almost all require a three day minimum rental.

  • 75 - 130 miles (120 - 200 km) per day included. (Or limited to, depending on your point of view.)

  • Other costs to consider:

    • Deposit(s)

    • Insurance

    • Pet fees (or if they are even allowed)

    • Local vehicle rental fees

    • Additional mileage - costs range from $0.30 to $0.75 per mile. Some offer unlimited mileage packages.

    • Other camping or recreation gear (Bikes, bike rack, kayaks, etc.)

    • Taxes

    • Child seats (if you don't bring your own)

    • Gas - average range is 15 - 22 MPG. RVs only get 6 - 10 MPG!

    • A select few only include two people in the standard rental, charging more for each additional person (seriously?!)

    • Some offer cash discounts, or alternatively, charge a small fee for credit card transactions

    • Cleaning fee

    • Driver minimum age ranges from 21 - 26 years old.

    • Unfortunately Vanagon campers only have four seat belts, so if you have a family of five or more you're either stuck with a traditional RV or renting two Vanagons. I know, neither situation is ideal.

    • Can you drive a stick-shift / standard transmission? If not, you will need to specifically find and request an automatic vehicle.

    • Again, no two companies are the same. Be absolutely sure you know what's included and at what cost.

If you know of anything we missed, please let us know!

16 January 2015

Last update: September 2018