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Tools Needed:

Skill Level: Easy

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This is about one of the easiest fixes you can have on your van. There are simply two nuts/bolts holding the strap in place. Bad grounds can cause all sorts of weird problems. If you're still running with the original ground strap in place it's probably time for a new one.

Step 1:

Disconnect the battery!

Also, make sure the van is in park and/or has the emergency brake applied and/or the wheels are blocked. You will be crawling under the van.


Step 2:

Remove the old ground strap. There is a nut/bolt on each end. A socket wrench works great here, an extension may make access easier.

Step 3:

Clean the connections using a wire brush.

Step 4:

Attach the new ground strap. Once the strap is in place, apply a decent coating of dielectric grease to protect the connections from corrosion. Keep in mind the grease is for insulating and corrosion protection, so clean connections, put them together, then coat in dielectric. Don't slather and while assembling as you may slightly compromise the connection with a film of insulating grease between conductors. Wipe away any excess with a shop towel.


Step 5:

Reconnect the battery and you're done!

17 August 2016